Giving Back

woman reaching out to homeless man
How We're

Giving Back

When people work with Your OWN Team, they are also helping to give back to people in need in our community!

homeless person pushing shopping cart in front of The Pantry at Rock Creek Church

The Pantry at Rock Creek Church

Feeding hundreds of households every week in our community for over 20 years! The Pantry is a distribution site for the Oregon Food Bank and is supported by many local grocers, farms, corporations and individual donors.

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Haven Homes graphic of lighthouse

Haven Homes

Haven Homes is providing transitional housing for people coming out of addiction and starting new lives.

Transitional housing serves as a short-term stay when an individual or household is either waiting to secure permanent housing, or has secured permanent housing that is not immediately available. Transitional housing is also known as “bridge” or “interim housing.” Services are provided to prepare residents to transition to permanent housing. The stay is usually limited to two years.